Using 4 Pics 1 Word for math vocabulary

My students and I are hooked on a new mobile game called 4 Pics 1 Word.  It is a simple concept: Four pictures are displayed that all represent a certain word.  Sometimes the connection is obvious (gum, yellow, ball), while others are hard to determine (raw, overkill, nirvana).

4 pics 1 word_1

2 ideas for using this in the classroom:

1.  Warm-up or Review on the board

Pictures can be displayed in a similar format to the game on the screen, and students can respond with their answers.  Responses can come through BYOD or just on paper.  With a deep enough deck of slides, this could make for a good game.

4 pics 1 word_3

2. Student-led Puzzles

Instead of on the screen, what if students were handed a card when they entered the room with one of the 4 pictures or 1 word.  Then, they can find the common themes and assemble the pieces together on posters.  Also, they could use these as cues on where to sit and get quick random seating.

4 pics 1 word_2

So, far, I have only used this as a warm-up with my classes, but as we review geometry terms in Algebra II, I see using this more.

How do you use this and other mobile games to connect with students?

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